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Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you require further clarification on any item, please contact us.


Q - Do you sell / ship products outside the US ?
A - Yes, but currently international ordering is only available by contacting us directly

Q - Do you sell to wholesalers / Distributors ?
A - Yes, contact us directly for details


Q - Must I create an account if I want to purchase your products ?
A - Yes, currently we require all customers that purchase our products online, to create an account. This is done to provide all customers a higher level of support and customer service.

Q - If I create an account, will I start getting spam mail from you or any affiliates ?
A - No, we maintain a STRICT NO SPAM POLICY and do not sell or distribute your information to 3rd parties without your permission. For further details please consult our privacy policies.

Q - During the checkout process on the shipping page, I click the "Select Shipping Method" but nothing happens ?
A - When you get to the shipping options page ( Step 3 ), you must select the "Standard" shipping option first, then click the "Select Shipping Method" button.

Q - During the checkout process on the payment information page, I do not see a "Continue or Checkout Button" ?
A -  When you get to the payment options page ( Step 4 ), you must select the "Credit Card option first, then the page will reload and allow you to enter your payment details, with a checkout button.

Q- I placed an order and received a confirmation that the order was complete, but did not receive an e-mail receipt ?
A - Make sure you allow mail from our website (, in your spam filtering software. If you are unsure about your order, please contact or customer service.